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    SubjectRE: [patch] PCI: disable MSI on more ATI NorthBridges
    Hi David:

    > I think this pretty much sums up the situation accurately.
    > My suggestion is:
    > 1) Leave the pci_intx() twiddling code in drivers/pci/msi.c
    > 2) Add quirks for "INTX_DISABLE turns off MSI too", this sets
    > a flag in the pci_dev.
    > 3) The pci_intx() calls in drivers/pci/msi.c are skipped if this
    > flag from #2 is set.
    > 4) Add quirk entries for drivers/net/tg3.c chips and these SATA
    > devices we are learning about here, as well as any others we
    > are aware of right now.
    > 5) Remove the pci_intx() workaround code from drivers/net/tg3.c
    > and elsewhere.

    This quirk seems good to me. Waiting for your final decision....

    This SB700 SATA controller MSI/INTx problem has been reported to our
    hardware team. I will forward the update information or response to
    you when I get any from HW team.


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