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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] irq_flags_t: intro and core annotations
Jeff Garzik <> wrote:
> Let me add to the chorus of voices: I continually see two cases where
> real bugs crop up:
> 1) hacker uses spin_lock_irq() in incorrect context (where it is not
> safe to do a blind enable/disable)
> 2) hacker uses spin_lock_irq() correctly, but the surrounding code
> changes, thus invalidating prior assumptions.
> I would even go so far as to support the drastic measure of deleting
> spin_lock_irq().
> spin_lock_irqsave() generates fewer bugs, is more future-proof, and by
> virtue of 'flags' permits architectures a bit more flexibility.

Could we add a debug option that warned if spin_lock_irq is
executed with IRQs turned off already?

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