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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/11] KVM updates for Linux 2.6.24-rc review
Avi Kivity wrote:
> The following patches fix fallout from the main 2.6.24 KVM merge. An
> exception is the movnti emulation patch, which adds support for Linux
> 2.6.16 guests.
> The patches can be found in kvm.git in the branch kvm-updates-2.6.24.
> There is also a branch kvm-updates-2.6.25 which will form the basis of
> the next merge window submission.
> Please review the patches and let me know if something is wrong or if
> a patch is missing.

Laurent, I believe the following patch (in kvm-updates-2.6.25) needs to
go into 2.6.24 as well. Can you comment on this?

> commit 6de232e39be372f85bea96eb741962acc7fcb1f7
> Author: Laurent Vivier <>
> Date: Mon Oct 1 11:01:06 2007 +0200
> KVM: x86 emulator: Correct management of REP prefix
> This patch corrects some errors appearing when we have an
> emulation failure
> on an operation using REP prefix.
> When x86_emulate_insn() fails, saving EIP and ECX is not enough as
> emulation
> should have modified other registers like RSI or RDI. Moreover,
> the emulation
> can fail on the writeback, and in this case we are not able to restore
> registers.
> At beginning of x86_emulate_insn(), we restore registers from vcpu
> as they were
> not modified by x86d_decode_insn() and we save EIP to be able to
> restore it
> in case of failure.

error compiling committee.c: too many arguments to function

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