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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sata_nv,ahci: add the ahci legacy mode support to sata_nv
Yes, link - add the AHCI legacy
support to sata_nv when IDE/RAID mode been set in SBIOS and Device IDs
are not in ahci.c at this moment. To do so, when a new chipset come
out and DIDs haven't been submited to LKML,user still can use ahci
driver to handle it when setting AHCI mode in BIOS, using sata_nv when
setting RAID/IDE in BIOS.
For example, ahci driver in Fedora 7 doesn't include the DIDs of
MCP78, so if you set the IDE/RAID mode in BIOS, os installation onto
SATA drive will fail. But if Fedora 7 include this patch, installation
will be successful.

2007/10/19, Jeff Garzik <>:
> peer chen wrote:
> > Ok,I agree to use AHCI driver for our AHCI controllers no matter their
> > class codes are IDE/RAID/AHCI. But for those new or upcoming AHCI
> > controller which DIDs are not included in ahci.c and also IDE/RAID
> > mode being set in BIOS, no driver will be loaded currently, so I hope
> > the first patch can be appied for
> > this case. Any comments?
> hmmm is that the correct URL? That one updates sata_nv to support AHCI
> controllers?.
> I would think you would want to add the RAID class code to ahci.c
> instead? And just some regular PCI IDs?
> Jeff
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