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SubjectRe: [PATCH] synchronize_irq needs a barrier

> The whole lock/set IRQ_INPROGRESS/unlock path can then only happen
> before the locked section above, in which case we see and wait nicely
> and all is good, or after, in which case the store to foo will be
> visible to the IRQ handler as it will be ordered with the unlock in the
> code above.

Note that napi_synchronize needs a slightly different treatement.

Here, the situation boils down to:

one CPU does:

foo = 1;

and the other:

if (!test_and_set_bit(bar)) {
read & use foo

The good thing here is that read & use foo is part of the critical
section (I hate hand-made locks ...) defined by bar which makes
things somewhat easier than the synchronize_irq() case.

I think a simple smp_mb(); here after foo = 1; is enough, which means
basically just having an smp_mp(); inside napi_synchronize(), before
the test_bit(). Or do I miss something ?


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