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SubjectRe: nVidia HPET force enable - merge requirements? (resend)
On Fri, 19 Oct 2007, Carlos Corbacho wrote:
> Back in April, Mikko posted a patch to force enable the HPET on some nVidia
> chipsets:
> A) There is now a force_hpet boot parameter in the x86 tree (mm branch)
> (rather than relying on the solution in the earlier patches of a config
> option).

There is still a config option for hpet. the hpet=force boot param is
there to allow force enable hpet for not documented chip set features.

> B) On the other hand, the force-quirk's are going into quirks.c, whilst
> Mikko's patch requires PCI scanning in early_quirks.c (could the PCI scanning
> be done in early_quirks.c and the actual HPET enabling handled in quirks.c
> later - or if not, could this early quirk play be made to obey the force_hpet
> boot option)?

It's not necessary to scan in early_quirks.c at all. The force hpet
code handles the late DECLARE_PCI_FIXUP_HEADER() based detection just

So if there are working quirks, please refactor them analogous to the
existing ones in quirks.c.

All undocumented chipset poking needs to be protected by the
hpet=force boot option, so the default is not to do scan for it.


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