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SubjectRe: WANTED: kernel projects for CS students
On 10/15/2007 8:01 AM, Rik van Riel wrote:
> The kernel newbies community often gets inquiries from CS students who
> need a project for their studies and would like to do something with
> the Linux kernel, but would also like their code to be useful to the
> community afterwards.
> In order to make it easier for them, I am trying to put together a
> page with projects that:
> - Are self contained enough that the students can implement the
> project by themselves, since that is often a university requirement.
> - Are self contained enough that Linux could merge the code (maybe
> with additional changes) after the student has been working on it
> for a few months.
> - Are large enough to qualify as a student project, luckily there is
> flexibility here since we get inquiries for anything from 6 week
> projects to 6 month projects.
> If you have ideas on what projects would be useful, please add them
> to this page (or email me):

Well, I know something that might be interesting for kernel newbies
including students. So let me share it with you.
It's Ubuntu 7.04 based LiveCD with TOMOYO Linux kernel.

1. visit the following URL and save ISO image
2. burn CD/DVD and boot from the disc
(or start up VM from the downloaded image)
3. open "TOOMYO Linux Policy Editor" icon on the gnome desktop
4. browse "domains" with cursor keys
you can see how processes were created (great experience)
5. choose a domain and enter return key
you can see the behavior of the selected "domain" (ACL mode)
6. enter return to step 5 (domain transition mode)
(repeat 5-7 as you like, type 'r' to refresh screen)
7. enter q to quit the editpolicy program

As it's LiveCD like KNOPPIX, hard disks will not be
affected unless you mount them and operate with intention.
I mean, it's safe to play with.

What makes all of these possible is "TOMOYO Linux",
but you don't have to understand it. ;)
No policy definition, preparation, knowledge or hustle is

If you are interested in TOMOYO Linux (just in case...),
please visit our Wiki page.

Toshiharu Harada
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