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    SubjectRe: Use virtual cpu accounting if available for guest times.
    Christian Borntraeger wrote:
    > ppc and s390 offer the possibility to track process times precisely
    > by looking at cpu timer on every context switch, irq, softirq etc.
    > We can use that infrastructure as well for guest time accounting.
    > We need to account the used time before we change the state.
    > This patch adds a call to account_system_vtime to kvm_guest_enter
    > and kvm_guest exit. If CONFIG_VIRT_CPU_ACCOUNTING is not set,
    > account_system_vtime is defined in hardirq.h as an empty function,
    > which means this patch does not change the behaviour on other
    > platforms.
    > I compile tested this patch on x86 and function tested the patch on
    > s390.
    > Avi, please apply.

    Done. Thanks!

    error compiling committee.c: too many arguments to function

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