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    SubjectRe: [bug] ata subsystem related crash with latest -git

    On Thu, 18 Oct 2007, Mark Lord wrote:
    > Okay, mine is dying with EIP at blk_rq_map_sg+0xcb/0x160.

    Ok, I think your picture cut off the last hex digits on the right, but
    what I can make out of the disassembly, I have to admit that it looks
    very much like it might be exactly the same thing Ingo was seeing.

    The disassembly is a bit scrambled, but the particular instruction that
    oopses for you is

    mov 0x10(%ebx),%eax

    and the instructions around it do seem to bear some similarity to the
    whole "sg_next()" thing, ie I see a

    test $0x1,%al

    and a

    lea 0x10(%ebx),%eax

    around there too.

    If you cut down the number of entries printed for the call trace (which
    involves editing the source code, no nice config options, I'm afraid), you
    could get the rest of it..

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