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SubjectRe: [Pcihpd-discuss] [PATCH 2/4] Fix PCIe hotplug for non-ACPI ExpressCard slots (version 2)
Kristen Carlson Accardi wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Oct 2007 21:54:42 -0400
> Mark Lord <> wrote:
>> Fix pciehp_probe() to deal with pre-inserted ExpressCard cards,
>> but only when pciehp_force==1. Otherwise behaviour is unmodified.
> I think it would be ok to try allowing the slot to be enabled when not
> using pciehp_force mode. We can wrap it later if it proves to break
> things, however, see my comment below:

Could you test that on ACPI-supported hardware and report back, please.

> Here it seems like what you want to do just go ahead and try to call
> pciehp_enable_slot always, but check the return value. If an adapter is
> not present, it will return -ENODEV, and then you can check to see if
> you have the ability to power off the slot, and try to power it off.

Okay, will do.

> Please fix CodingStyle issues too.


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