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SubjectRe: VIA VT6307 OHCI version?
Stefan Richter <> writes:

> What I meant was: First revisions may have had incomplete OHCI 1.1
> support and were sold as OHCI 1.0 chips, and as soon as they stabilized
> it they sold them as OHCI 1.1 chips. But that's mere speculation on my
> part. I can't think of any other reason though why anybody would hide
> OHCI 1.1 compatibility.

Perhaps some MS Windows had troubles with 1.1?
VIA has a history of similar things (e.g. some C3 CPUs).

All 3 chips I have, including that dated 2002, are single
revision "80" so I guess there are absolutely no silicon changes.

> And are you going to test if and how stable OHCI 1.1 features work?
> (Which features are these? Right now only dual buffer reception comes
> to my mind.)

On this old EPIA? No :-)
At least unless I have any doubt.

On the other machine (currently) 1.0? Sure, that's why I did it.
Is the "dual buffer reception" involved in receiving video from
a DV camera, using the new driver?
Krzysztof Halasa
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