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    SubjectRe: RocketPort Linux driver errors on module reload
    Jiri Slaby <> writes:

    > Anyway the driver faces another problem with pci refcounting (it
    > doesn't increment the counter) and the device might be removed from
    > it any time the pci bus code decides.

    That doesn't sound too good... Do you mean the module could stop
    working any time, even if its devices are being used continuously?

    > Are you willing to test to-pci-probing patches (i.e. patches which
    > converts the driver to the model introduced in linux 2.4)?

    Well yes. We've got a copule of such cards, which raises some
    interest in a proper driver. Just send the patches with some
    instructions along, or point me to a git branch if you prefer.

    > If not, I'll only increment the counter on modprobe and decrement it
    > on rmmod, since it would be a safe (in the meaning of not changing
    > that much code) way of fixing the problem.

    And what are the drawbacks of this simple solution?
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