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    SubjectRe: [git pull] scheduler updates for v2.6.24
    On 15/10/2007, Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
    > * Andrew Morton <> wrote:
    > > On Mon, 15 Oct 2007 16:17:23 +0200
    > > Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
    > >
    > > > Linus, please pull the latest scheduler git tree from:
    > > >
    > > > git://
    > >
    > > Did Paul Jackson's crash get fixed?
    > yes - that crash was a showstopper that was holding up the pull request
    > for 2 days. Paul bisected it down to the culprit and the fix was to do
    > this in wake_up_new_task():
    > - if (!p->sched_class->task_new || !current->se.on_rq) {
    > + if (!p->sched_class->task_new || !current->se.on_rq || !rq->cfs.curr) {
    > (during early bootup the cfs_rq has no curr pointer yet.) It's not clear
    > why this race did not trigger earlier.

    an update on this issue:

    shortly, SD_BALANCE_FORK is required to trigger this problem and
    hence, only NUMA machines could have been affected by it (and only
    ia64 and x86 have SD_BALANCE_FORK in SD_NODE_INIT).

    more details:

    it's perfectly legitimate for 'rq->cfs.curr' to be NULL in
    task_new_fair() in the case when this_cpu != task_cpu(p) (p -- is a
    newly created task).

    why this_cpu != task_cpu(p) :

    do_fork() --> copy_process() --> sched_fork() -->
    cpu = sched_balance_self(this_cpu, SD_BALANCE_FORK)

    chose a different cpu for the new task and there is _no_
    'class_sched_fair' task running on this cpu at the moment (that's why
    rq->cfs.curr == NULL).

    [ thanks a lot to Paul for providing debugging information ]

    btw., it's not the 'curr->vruntime < se->vruntime' part in
    task_new_fair() that gave us the oops (it's only executed in the case
    of this_cpu == task_cpu(p)) _but_ it's rather:

    [*] check_spread(cfs_rq, curr) which also accesses 'curr->vruntime'.

    > (and the two checks can probably
    > be consolidated into a single "!rq->cfs.curr" condition.)

    2 checks are required as 'current' and rq->cfs.curr are not the same :-)
    It also should work if we just get rid of [*] or add an adiitional
    (curr != NULL) check there.

    just as a additional observation:

    there are lots of per-cpu threads (like events/cpu, ksoftirq/cpu,
    etc.) being created on start-up (x NUMBER_OF_CPUS) and SD_SCHED_FORK
    (actually, sched_balance_self() from sched_fork()) is just an overhead
    in this case...
    although, sched_balance_self() is likely to be responsible for a minor
    % of the time taken to create a new context so optimizing it away
    (esp. for some corner cases) won't improve the start-up time

    > Ingo
    > -

    Best regards,
    Dmitry Adamushko
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