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SubjectRe: Regression: 2.6.23-rc9 okay, resume problems
Mark Lord wrote:
> Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
>> On Sunday, 14 October 2007 22:13, Mark Lord wrote:
>>> Since upgrading to from 2.6.23-rc9, resume-from-RAM has been
>>> misbehaving here.
>>> It takes much (+5-7 seconds) longer to resume *sometimes*, but not
>>> all/most of the time.
>>> And sometimes I get get flashing keyboard LEDs and have to hold the
>>> power button
>>> in for a full hard reset.
>>> With 2.6.23-rc8/rc9, no such troubles.
>>> Difficult to reproduce, other than perhaps once a day.
>>> Anybody want to fess up with a likely candidate?
>> Not really, but if you rule out all of the POWERPC and MIPS patches,
>> there's
>> not much left ...
> Yeah, I didn't see much there either.
> I'll keep an eye on things over the next few days,
> and post again if it persists.
> I was using the powertop patches with -rc9, but not with
> Maybe they helped (???).

It still happens.
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