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SubjectRe: MSI interrupts and disable_irq
On 10/13/07, Manfred Spraul <> wrote:
> Jeff Garzik wrote:
> >
> > I think the scenario you outline is an illustration of the approach's
> > fragility: disable_irq() is a heavy hammer that originated with INTx,
> > and it relies on a chip-specific disable method (kernel/irq/manage.c)
> > that practically guarantees behavior will vary across MSI/INTx/etc.
> >
> I checked the code: IRQ_DISABLE is implemented in software, i.e.
> handle_level_irq() only calls handle_IRQ_event() [and then the nic irq
> handler] if IRQ_DISABLE is not set.
> OTHO: The last trace looks as if nv_do_nic_poll() is interrupted by an irq.
> Perhaps something corrupts dev->irq? The irq is requested with
> request_irq(np->pci_dev->irq, handler, IRQF_SHARED, dev->name, dev)
> and disabled with
> disable_irq_lockdep(dev->irq);
> Someone around with a MSI capable board? The forcedeth driver does
> dev->irq = pci_dev->irq
> in nv_probe(), especially before pci_enable_msi().
> Does pci_enable_msi() change pci_dev->irq? Then we would disable the
> wrong interrupt....

the request_irq==>setup_irq will make dev->irq = pci_dev->irq.

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