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SubjectRe: What still uses the block layer?
Am 14.10.2007 19:46 schrieb Stefan Richter:
> David Newall wrote:
>> That is so rude.
> Such responses sometimes happen after provocative posts like the thread
> starter's.

Provocation is often in the eye of the beholder, and basic manners
should be observed nevertheless.

> He could have asked straight away for help with fixing his
> boot environment instead of wrapping his question into a feigned design
> discussion.

No, he couldn't have. He quite obviously didn't even know enough
to understand his boot environment might be at fault, and hence
was unable to conceive the question you're demanding from him.

> It appeared as if he is out for a fight rather than
> interested in help.

It may have appeared like that from the highly antagonistic mindset
that seems so prevalent in LKML. But if one just stepped back and
took a breath before answering it should have been quite obvious
that he wasn't. (out for a fight, that is)

Granted, it can be difficult to comprehend the point of view of
someone who does not know or understand something you yourself know
or understand well. But you should at least be aware of that
inability, and consequently refrain from accusing of provocation
where there may be none. Hanlon's razor, cynical as it may sound at
first, is an eminently humanistic principle.

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