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    SubjectRe: msync(2) bug(?), returns AOP_WRITEPAGE_ACTIVATE to userland
    Hi Hugh,

    On 10/12/07, Hugh Dickins <> wrote:
    > But I keep suspecting that the answer might be the patch below (which
    > rather follows what drivers/block/rd.c is doing). I'm especially
    > worried that, rather than just AOP_WRITEPAGE_ACTIVATE being returned
    > to userspace, bad enough in itself, you might be liable to hit that
    > BUG_ON(page_mapped(page)). shmem_writepage does not expect to be
    > called by anyone outside mm/vmscan.c, but unionfs can now get to it?

    Doesn't msync(2) get to it via mm/page-writeback.c:write_cache_pages()
    without unionfs even?

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