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SubjectRe: 2.6.23-rt1 lockup after loading HAL deamon

* Rok Markovic <> wrote:

> I tried to recompile with those options enabled, kernel and linux
> boots and loads fine, but after few minutes (if i try to recompile
> kernel in console) the system locks completely (hard reset) without
> any messages. Is there anything I can do, maybe console on serial
> port? My new config is atached.

yes, serial console (or netconsole) output would be useful, if you can
solve that. Another way would be to boot with nmi_watchdog=2, do the
kernel recompile in a VGA text console, and wait for the lockup to
occur. Either you get some crash message to the text console
immediately, or you should get the NMI watchdog print something within a
minute or so. If neither happens you just get a blank hard lockup then
the wedge is very deep ...

(also make sure that the NMI counter in /proc/interrupts is increasing
on all CPUs properly, with nmi_watchdog=2. If not all CPUs/cores are
increasing their NMI counters once per second then the NMI watchdog wont
be able to print out a stackdump.)

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