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    SubjectRe: [regression] 2.6.23 sata_mv EH updates broke my 7042 controller
    Olof Johansson wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I just pulled out my Marvell 7042 SATA controller here to give it a spin
    > and noticed that it no longer worked (i.e. init segvs when loading from
    > it), etc. 2.6.22 is fine.
    > Bisecting (just the file drivers/ata/sata_mv.c) resulted in
    > bdd4dddee325a7dce3e84cf48201a06aa8508aa4 popping out as the culprit
    > (file version 4537deb5e90b717a725b3d74b58b4bb1d28443d0 is fine).
    > Just for sanity checking: Has anyone else used 7042/6042 with the current
    > mainline driver?

    The update was tested extensively on 6042. I have a 7042, but haven't
    found a compatible PCI slot here.

    > Hardware config in my case:
    > Highpoint 2310 controller
    > PPC (big endian)
    > WD Raptor disk
    > Works fine with the other controller I've been using (SIL24), and works
    > fine if I revert the driver.
    > It also works fine if I disable the IOMMU. This would point towards
    > either a stale dma mapping, or a missing setup of one.
    > Not being much at home in the SATA drivers I could keep digging but I
    > figured I'd bring it up first in case it rings a bell for someone.

    The IOMMU data point is certainly interesting. Nothing jumps out on a
    re-review of the patch, so keep digging and let us know ;-)


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