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Subject[PATCHSET 3][PATCH 0/5][AIO] - AIO completion signal notification v4

Here is a repost of Sebastien's AIO completion signal notification v4
patches along with the syscall based listio support patch. The goal
of this patchset is to improve the POSIX AIO support in the kernel.

While the 1st 4 patches provide the AIO completion signal notification
support, the 5th one provides the listio support.

Sebastien's original patchset had a different listio support patch
(patch number 5) based on overloading the io_submit() with a new
aio_lio_opcode (IOCB_CMD_GROUP). But here listio support is provided
by a separate system call.

As mentioned, this set consists of 5 patches:

1. rework-compat-sys-io-submit: cleanup the sys_io_submit() compat
layer, making it more efficient and laying out the base for the
following patches

2. aio-header-fix-includes: fixes the double inclusion of uio.h in aio.h

3. export-good_sigevent: move good_sigevent into signal.c and make it

4. aio-notify-sig: the AIO completion signal notification

5. listio: adds listio support

Description are in the individual patches.

Original v4 post is present at

Changes from v3:
All changes following comments from Zach Brown and Christoph Hellwig

- added justification for the compat_sys_io_submit() cleanup
- more cleanups in compat_sys_io_submit() to put it in line with
- Changed "Export good_sigevent()" patch name to "Make good_sigevent()
non-static" to better describe what it does.=20
- Reworked good_sigevent() to make it more readable.
- Simplified the use of the SIGEV_* constants in signal notification
- Take a reference on the target task both for the SIGEV_THREAD_ID and

Changes from v2:
- rebased to 2.6.19-rc6-mm2
- reworked the sys_io_submit() compat layer as suggested by Zach Brown
- fixed saving of a pointer to a task struct in aio-notify-sig as
pointed out by Andrew Morton

Changes from v1:
- cleanups suggested by Christoph Hellwig, Badari Pulavarty and
Zach Brown
- added lisio patch

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