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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0 of 4] Generic AIO by scheduling stacks
> Does that mean that we might not have some cases where we'd need to  
> make
> sure we do things differently? Of course not. Something migt show up.

Might, and has. For a good time, take journal_info out of
per_call_chain() in the patch set and watch it helpfully and loudly
wet itself. There really really are bits of thread_struct which are
strictly thread-local-storage, of a sort, for a kernel call path.
Sharing them, even only through cooperate scheduling, is fatal.
link_count is another obvious one.

They're also the only ones I've bothered to discover so far :).

> But
> this actually makes it very clear what the difference between "struct
> thread_struct" and "struct task_struct" are. One is shared between
> fibrils, the other isn't.


Right now the per-fibril uses of task_struct members are left inline
in task_struct and are copied on fibril switches.

We *could* put them in thread_info, at the cost of stack pressure, or
hang them off task_struct in their own struct to avoid the copies, at
the cost of indirection. I didn't like imposing a cost on paths that
don't use fibrils, though, so I left them inline.

(I think you know all this. I'm clarifying for the peanut gallery, I

- z
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