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    SubjectRe: Free Linux Driver Development!
    Roland Dreier wrote:
    > Sure, Ralink drivers will get upstream eventually. But by the time
    > the drivers get merged, Ralink will have stopped making the chips that
    > it supports (or so I read,!
    > I don't think that taking a year or two to merge a driver is going to
    > impress a vendor, especially since the reverse-engineered Broadcom
    > wireless driver is probably going to go upstream at just about the
    > same time.

    You mean the bcm43xx wireless driver that's been upstream for months?

    > An uncharitable vendor might decide it's not worth publishing specs,
    > since the Linux guys can reverse engineer the Windows driver just as
    > fast anyway.

    Most vendors are likely to focus on examples that are in the statistical
    (and competitive) majority, where publishing specs led to a driver
    supported by an enterprise distro.


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