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SubjectGITWEB branch shortlog broken after recent update on
Ever since gitweb on was recently updated, I've been experiencing a
nasty bug -- It seems that it is no longer possible to view a shortlog from any
branch or head other than master.

For example:

^^ this is a link to my v4l-dvb-2.6.x.y stable repository. I have branched off
each kernel release to include all of the -stable release history. You will
notice these in the 'heads' section near the bottom of the page.

If you click on the 2.6.16.y shortlog link:;a=shortlog;h=2.6.16.y

gitweb displays the shortlog from the master branch, instead of the 2.6.16.y head.

However, if you click the "log" link:;a=log;h=2.6.16.y

Only then, does gitweb show us the correct history for that branch.

"tree" is also working properly -- it seems that "shortlog" is the only feature
affected by this bug.

In the previous vesion of gitweb installed on, this feature did
indeed function properly.

Can this be fixed? I often use gitweb to view changesets in developer trees
before those changesets get pulled into the master branch of a repository. I
find this feature very helpful for reviewing changesets, and I'd like for it to
work again.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Krufky

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