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    SubjectRe: via irq quirk breakage
    > Fix VIA quirks that were recently broken by Alan Cox in the upstream
    > kernel (commit 1597cacbe39802d86656d1f2e6329895bd2ef531).
    > My understanding is that pci_find_present() doesn't work yet at the
    > time the quirks are run. So I used a two-step quirk as is done for
    > some other quirks already. First we detect the VIA south bridges
    > and set the right low and high device limits, then we are ready to
    > actually run the quirks on the affected devices.

    My PCI tree is somewhat different to the default one and I did test it
    but possibly sucked in some dependancies on the cyrix and other early PCI
    handling changes in my dev tree.

    > Signed-off-by: Jean Delvare <>

    Acked-by: Alan Cox <>

    This is a lot neater than the original patch too. Only problem I see is
    pci=reverse might need more care.

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