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    SubjectRe: blacklist kernel boot option

    On Jan 29 2007 13:44, Oliver Neukum wrote:
    >Am Montag, 29. Januar 2007 13:40 schrieb Jan Engelhardt:
    >> >Is that an real-live issue, with distro kernels being shipped with
    >> >almost everything compiled as module these days?
    >> For me it was. FC6 has at least CONFIG_MD=y, and SUSE also has
    >> some =y that could be =m with the help of module autoload rules,
    >> and some =y that could truly be =m. Those being =y cannot be
    >> blacklisted.
    >What use is it to modularly compile something that almost everybody needs?

    [correction: meant CONFIG_BLK_DEV_MD, because CONFIG_MD itself does
    not generate any code]

    So just because almost everyone needs CONFIG_SCSI (SATA, usb_storage,
    you name it), you're going to compile that in as well? It's just
    another 180 KB [BLK_DEV_MD: ~100K] so let's compile it in!

    There is a reason initramfs exists, and it's not only for firmware
    loading or running custom scripts.
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