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    SubjectRe: [SCRIPT] Remove "space damage" from patches
    Oleg Verych wrote:
    > 29-01-2007, Richard Knutsson:
    >> Oleg Verych wrote:
    >>> Nack, big and fat. It's userspace problem.
    >>> If our "developers" can't use or update their every-day-tools, it's a
    >>> shame. And this is not trolling: i'm using Jed and GNU Emacs, both are
    >>> ok with whitespace "production".
    >> Oh, I hope I didn't give the impression I wanted it in the kernel (that
    >> is why i labeled it as SCRIPT and not PATCH), as you said it is a
    >> userspace problem. I just thought a simple script to remove those
    >> whitespace could help in an imperfect world. I prefer kate since then
    >> you can see where the tabs begins (and other features).
    > Just to give you idea, how imperfect it is:
    > <>
    > Anyway, i still think programmers *must* take care of it, if they think
    > they _are_ Programmers. IMHO LKML already gives obligation to be one
    Then I hope you don't mind me asking, why is there (L)indent? Everyone
    can make a mistake and if your editor does not auto-format then there
    may be a whitespace straying.
    I also guess you saw that the script is _not_ for cleaning up
    source-files (can be intrusive and is better to be fixed when fixing
    something else), but patches. So if a maintainer does not have anything
    to easily fix those, they might want a simple script to do the work
    (otherwise I believe they just deleted my mail ;) ).

    As I said in the posting, it is just if someone is interested in it,
    otherwise you have a Del-button.

    Richard Knutsson

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