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SubjectAIC7xxx on 2.6.18
I have 2 machine that oops with these cards.

1) The bios has the option to enable/disable option roms on individual PCI
slots. I have an AHA-39160 and an AHA-2940U/UW (dual channel). If I
disable option roms, the driver oopses when accessing the 2nd card.

I can get the oops if really needed as I don't like rebooting this machine.

2) I have an AHA-39160 with Apple/Mac firmware. When attempting to use it
on a PC, the driver oopses presumably because the card wasn't initialized or
something. I realize this is probably not a supported configuration, but I
don't believe that it should be oopsing.

I can get the oops for this one if it'll help.

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