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SubjectRe: [PATCH 10/26] Dynamic kernel command-line - ia64
On 1/27/07, Andrew Morton <> wrote:
> no no no no no no no. Just because some whacked-out weenie went and put
> extern declarations in .c files doesn't mean that we should copy them.
> It doesn't even compile.

Sorry... I don't have all environments.

> Please. Go through the entire patchset, yank all those wrong private
> declarations of boot_command_line[] and put a *single, kernel-wide*
> declaration into a single, shared header file.

I thought of this, while I was making the patch, I could not understand why
the maintainer did not simply #include <linux/init.h>

I can add this to any module which declares this by-itself but because
I cannot test all arch, I am afraid it will cause more problems.

Preparing a patch... :)

Best Regards,
Alon Bar-Lev.
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