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SubjectRe: Bcm43xx oops after suspend to disk
roucaries bastien wrote:
>> Do you have the log stuff that precedes this part? In particular, was
>> there a assertion that failed?
> It is oops on resume and no asseertion failled this boot. However I
> have usually a lot of
> bcm43xx: ASSERTION FAILED (radio_attenuation < 10) at:
> drivers/net/wireless/bcm43xx/bcm43xx_phy.c:1496:bcm43xx_find_lopair()

Those are well known and do not affect this problem.

> Moreover after the first oops I have a second oops (Surelly a
> consequence of the first).

I think that is right.

Unfortunately, I cannot test for this problem on my system as it doesn't suspend at all.

Does this oops happen every time, or is it intermittent? I'm looking at the code to find places to
insert debugging statements. At present, I don't understand how it gets to the shutdown code while


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