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SubjectRe: Juju
On Fri, 26 Jan 2007 03:35:19 +0100, Stefan Richter <> wrote:

> The fundamental thing about SBP-2 is that ORBs ( = SCSI command blocks
> plus SBP-2 header) and data buffers all reside in the memory of the
> initiator (or of a 3rd party on the FireWire bus).

I recognize the concept, I worked with SRP in Infiniband a bit.

> The target wrote an SBP-2 status block into our memory. The status block
> contains the FireWire bus address of the ORB to which it belongs. [...]

I see. SRP has a more flexible tag which can be used to look up
the just completed command more effectively. But if we only submit
one, it's a moot point of course.

> [...] Since there aren't many
> mapped ORBs per target, a linked list is a reasonable data structure to
> search over.

Righto. I'm used to having thousands of oustanding commands in arrays.

-- Pete
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