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    SubjectRe: 2.6.20-rc5: cp 18gb 18gb.2 = OOM killer, reproducible just like

    > > Is it highmem-related? Can you try it with mem=256M?
    > Bad idea, the kernel crashes & burns when I use mem=256, I had to boot
    > 2.6.20-rc5-6 single to get back into my machine, very nasty. Remember I
    > use an onboard graphics controller that has 128MB of RAM allocated to it
    > and I believe the ICH8 chipset also uses some memory, in any event mem=256
    > causes the machine to lockup before it can even get to the boot/init
    > processes, the two leds on the keyboard were blinking, caps lock and
    > scroll lock and I saw no console at all!

    Okay, so try mem=700M or disable CONFIG_HIGHMEM or something.
    (cesky, pictures)
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