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    Subject2007 Linux Kernel Summit

    Hi folks,

    It's time to start kicking off the 2007 Kernel Summit planning
    process. This year, the Kernel Summit will be held in Cambridge,
    England, at the DeVere University Arms Hotel, September 5-6 (with a
    welcome reception on the 4th). The decision to move the Kernel Summit
    to England is a one-year experiment based on the very strong request of
    last year's kernel summit attendees to try a location outside of Ottawa,
    and especially from the roughly 1/3rd of the attendees that come from
    the UK or Europe. So the plan is for us to book the Ottawa Congress
    Ceter space for July 2008 (which we will need to do by mid-year 2007),
    and pending how well the Cambridge venue works out in September 2007,
    we'll figure out how often we want to try moving the Kernel Summit to
    other locations in future years beyond 2008.

    (It'd be great to fantasize pairing the Kernel Summit with, but unless we can get some sponsor's CEO offers up their
    personal jet, or we pick up a major airline as a sponsor, it's not
    likely to happen any time soon due to the reality of corporate travel
    budgets. :-)

    As in previous years, I've set up a e-mail discussion list for people
    who are interested in making suggestions for this year's kernel summit.
    In the probably hopeless attempt to avoid the list address getting
    instantly harvested by spammers from all of the LKML archives, the list
    submission address and subscription URL can be found by executing the
    following perl script:

    print "ksummit-" . $AD . "-discuss" . $at . "\n";
    print "" . $AD . "-discuss\n";

    More announcements about the topic and attendee selection process will
    be made in the next week or so on the discuss list, but in the meantime,
    if there are any folks who are interested in putting together
    mini-summits or workshops for various kernel subsystems at Ottawa on the
    25th or 26th, please let me know. It may be possible for Usenix to make
    some hotel conference rooms available, to provide an opportunity for
    kernel development teams who want to get together before OLS and the
    Kernel Summit to do so.

    Finally, let me introduce to this year's program committee:

    Jens Axboe
    James Bottomley
    Jonathon Corbet
    Dirk Hohndel
    Gerrit Huizenga
    Dave Jones
    Andi Kleen
    Greg Kroah-Hartman
    Steve Hemminger
    Matthew Mackall
    Andrew Morton
    Theodore Ts'o

    If you have any questions, please feel to contact me or the entire
    kernel summit program committee. Our contact e-mail address can be
    found by taking the output from the above perl script and running it
    through the command: "sed -e 's/discuss/pc/'".


    - Ted
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