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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: KB->KiB, MB -> MiB, ... (IEC 60027-2)
David Schwartz wrote:
> Talk about a cure worse than the disease! So you're saying that 256MB flash
> cards could be advertised as having 268.4MB? A 512MB RAM stick is
> mislabelled and could correctly say 536.8MB? That's just plain craziness.
> Adopting IEC 60027-2 just replaces a set of well-understood problems with
> all new problems.

Except that you're wrong above. Most 512 MB flash cards are less than
512 MiB; most of them are, in fact, around 512 MB! RAM, of course, is
consistently 512 MiB.

This little tidbit discovered in the process of working on an
application which required powers-of-two flash cards, and finding that
one does have to use one size larger...

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