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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: KB->KiB, MB -> MiB, ... (IEC 60027-2)

On 1/20/07, David Schwartz <> wrote:
> [Leon said:]
> > One way of getting rid of those inconsistencies would be to follow IEC
> > 60027-2 for those cases where SI is inappropriate.
> Talk about a cure worse than the disease! So you're saying that 256MB flash
> cards could be advertised as having 268.4MB? A 512MB RAM stick is
> mislabelled and could correctly say 536.8MB? That's just plain craziness.
No, I meant to advertise it as a 256 MiB flash device and a 512 MiB
flash device, as the Mi prefix has a single interpretation, that is 2
to the power of 20, as per IEC 60027-2, whereas M has not if used
outside SI units.

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