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    SubjectRe: SATA exceptions with 2.6.20-rc5
    On 2007.01.21 13:58:01 -0600, Robert Hancock wrote:
    > Björn Steinbrink wrote:
    > >All kernels were bad using that approach. So back to square 1. :/
    > >
    > >Björn
    > >
    > OK guys, here's a new patch to try against 2.6.20-rc5:
    > Right now when switching between ADMA mode and legacy mode (i.e. when
    > going from doing normal DMA reads/writes to doing a FLUSH CACHE) we just
    > set the ADMA GO register bit appropriately and continue with no delay.
    > It looks like in some cases the controller doesn't respond to this
    > immediately, it takes some nanoseconds for the controller's status
    > registers to reflect the change that was made. It's possible that if we
    > were trying to issue commands during this time, the controller might not
    > react properly. This patch adds some code to wait for the status
    > register to change to the state we asked for before continuing.

    I went for the "I feel lucky" route and did just add mmio reads after the
    mmio writes, posting them. Rationale being that if it is a write posting
    issue, the debug patch would/could actually hide it AFAICT.
    It's the "I feel lucky" route, because my whole "knowledge" about mmio
    and write posting originates from the few things I read up on when you
    discovered the comment about write posting in the generic ata code.

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