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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] System Inactivity Monitor v1.0
Bill Davidsen <> writes:

Alessandro Di Marco wrote:
> Hi all,
> this is a new 2.6.20 module implementing a user inactivity trigger. Basically
> it acts as an event sniffer, issuing an ACPI event when no user activity is
> detected for more than a certain amount of time. This event can be successively
> grabbed and managed by an user-level daemon such as acpid, blanking the screen,
> dimming the lcd-panel light à la mac, etc...

Any idea how much power this saves? And for the vast rest of us who do run X,
this seems to parallel the work of a well-tuned screensaver.

This is just a notifier; to make it work as a screensaver you'll have to rely
on some external programs. Personally I use smartdimmer to dim my vaio panel.

Obviously you can keep your toaster flying, if you like, simply calling the
flying-toaster module instead of smartdimmer. Anyway I would use the latter on
battery. ;-)


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