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    SubjectMore about dmesg stuff, this time 2.6.20-rc5

    I did find this dmesg for the kernel 2.6.20-rc5

    Linux version 2.6.20-rc5-Typhoon (root@Typhoon) (gcc version 4.1.1
    20061011 (Red Hat 4.1.1-30)) #1 SMP Sat Jan 20 15:00:20 IST 2007
    BIOS-provided physical RAM map:
    sanitize start
    sanitize end
    copy_e820_map() start: 0000000000000000 size: 000000000009fc00 end:
    000000000009fc00 type: 1
    copy_e820_map() type is E820_RAM
    copy_e820_map() start: 000000000009fc00 size: 0000000000000400 end:
    00000000000a0000 type: 2
    copy_e820_map() start: 00000000000e6000 size: 000000000001a000 end:
    0000000000100000 type: 2
    copy_e820_map() start: 0000000000100000 size: 000000001f62f800 end:
    000000001f72f800 type: 1
    copy_e820_map() type is E820_RAM
    copy_e820_map() start: 000000001f72f800 size: 0000000000000800 end:
    000000001f730000 type: 4
    copy_e820_map() start: 000000001f730000 size: 0000000000010000 end:
    000000001f740000 type: 3
    copy_e820_map() start: 000000001f740000 size: 00000000000b0000 end:
    000000001f7f0000 type: 4
    copy_e820_map() start: 000000001f7f0000 size: 0000000000010000 end:
    000000001f800000 type: 2
    copy_e820_map() start: 00000000e0000000 size: 0000000010000000 end:
    00000000f0000000 type: 2
    copy_e820_map() start: 00000000fed13000 size: 0000000000007000 end:
    00000000fed1a000 type: 2
    copy_e820_map() start: 00000000fed1c000 size: 0000000000084000 end:
    00000000feda0000 type: 2

    What are these sanitize start, sanitize end, copy_e820_map() about?
    Memory check?

    After this, dmesg is almost same as in But here is another

    migration_cost=18 for
    migration_cost=87 for 2.6.20-rc5

    How does this parameter value impacts the kernel?

    Lastly, this about Intel RNG:


    intel_rng: FWH not detected

    For 2.6.20-rc5

    intel_rng: Firmware space is locked read-only. If you can't or
    intel_rng: don't want to disable this in firmware setup, and if
    intel_rng: you are certain that your system has a functional
    intel_rng: RNG, try using the 'no_fwh_detect' option.

    Is this a bug? Or, something wrong with my H/W?

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