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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] libata: fix combined mode (was Re: Happy New Year (and v2.6.20-rc3 released))
    Alan wrote:
    >>> This is a silly complaint because the SFF layer in libata doesn't handle
    >>> this case yet anyway.
    >> Yes, it's "silly" people people use configurations you find inconvenient.
    >> At least one embedded x86 case cares, that I know of. They only needed
    >> to make two minor changes to make it work.
    > *It is not part of 2.6.20*
    >> The code no long reserves resources for the "extra" PCI BAR that often
    >> exists on PCI controllers regardless of legacy/native mode. Previously,
    >> the code called pci_request_regions() to reserve ALL regions attached to
    >> the PCI device.
    > We use BAR5 on two devices in legacy mode. Both of those reserve all the
    > other resources.

    Translation: You want to hand-wave away an obvious regression that YOU
    have created with your fix-to-a-fix.

    > We can fix BAR5 in .21 when all the combined mode crap
    > goes away.

    Translation: Problems disappear in 2.6.21 because Jeff will revert the
    code I touched to its previous state -- always calling
    pci_request_regions() -- and all the problems I introduced by avoiding
    pci_request_regions() will go away.

    Why INTRODUCE these 2.6.20 Alan-isms, if they are going away in 2.6.21?

    >> You have suddenly decided that it's OK to --not reserve at all-- these
    >> additional regions.
    > It's not ideal - but it is perfectly sufficient for 2.6.20
    >> Proof: The AHCI PCI BAR (#5, zero-based) is clearly NOT reserved, even
    >> though we talk to it, in piix_disable_ahci() of ata_piix.c.
    > We always claim the other BARs so catch a collision.

    Where? AFAICS, it is crystal clear the behavior:

    * Prior to your patch, ata_piix in legacy mode calls
    pci_request_regions() to intentionally reserve ALL regions on the PCI

    * After your patch, the code explicitly calls pci_request_region() for
    BARs 0-4, but never for BAR5.

    Another driver is now free to claim a PCI BAR, and start running the
    hardware in AHCI mode, whee!


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