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    SubjectRe: any value to fixing apparent bugs in old ISDN4Linux?
    On Mon, 15 Jan 2007, Tilman Schmidt wrote:

    > Robert P. J. Day schrieb:
    > > OTOH, since that code *is* in the allegedly obsolete old ISDN4Linux
    > > code, perhaps that entire part of the tree can just be junked. but if
    > > it's sticking around, it should probably be fixed.
    > Please do not remove isdn4linux just yet. It's true that it has been
    > marked as obsolete for quite some time, but it's still needed
    > anyway. Its designated successor, the CAPI subsystem, so far only
    > supports a very limited range of hardware. Dropping isdn4linux now
    > would leave the owners of some very popular ISDN cards out in the
    > cold.

    that wouldn't be my decision, i just made a note of an oddity. but if
    it's still in actual use, then it really should be re-labelled from
    "obsolete" to "deprecated," no?

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