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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [RFC] remove ext3 inode from orphan list when link and unlink race
Dmitriy Monakhov wrote:
> Eric Sandeen <> writes:
>> I've been looking at a case where many threads are opening, unlinking, and
>> hardlinking files on ext3 .
> How many concurent threads do you use and how long does it takes to trigger
> this race? I've tried to reproduce this with two threads, but not succeed.
> <thread 1>
> fd = create("src")
> close(fd)
> unlink("src")
> <thread 2>
> link("src", "dst")
> unlink("dst")
> Original testcase will be the best answer :).

Sure :) Though I didn't write it... see this collection of bash scripts:

I didn't write it, but it exposed the bug for me. The VAR file contains
variables to specify mountpoint and a device, which the script starts by
mkfs'ing, so be warned.

It spawns -many- threads, and on my 4 CPU opteron I can hit it in a
reasonable amount of time. It would probably be nice to have a more
targeted testcase but it did the trick for me.


> Thanks.

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