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    SubjectRe: [ckrm-tech] [PATCH 3/6] containers: Add generic multi-subsystem API to containers
    Paul Menage wrote:
    > +/* The set of hierarchies in use. Hierarchy 0 is the "dummy
    > + * container", reserved for the subsystems that are otherwise
    > + * unattached - it never has more than a single container, and all
    > + * tasks are part of that container. */
    > +
    > +static struct containerfs_root rootnode[CONFIG_MAX_CONTAINER_HIERARCHIES];
    > +
    > +/* dummytop is a shorthand for the dummy hierarchy's top container */
    > +#define dummytop (&rootnode[0].top_container)
    > +

    With these changes, is there a generic way to determine the root container
    for the hierarchy the subsystem is in? Calls to ->create() pass the dummytop
    container. It would be useful and is often required to walk the hierarchy
    and know the root of the container hierarchy.

    Balbir Singh,
    Linux Technology Center,
    IBM Software Labs
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