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    SubjectRe: chaostables-0.2 &

    On Jan 1 2007 16:15, Folkert van Heusden wrote:

    >> >I'm trying to compile chaostables v0.2 on a system with kernel
    >> >and c-compiler 3.4.6:
    >> >/usr/src/chaostables-0.2/kernel/xt_CHAOS.c: In function `xt_chaos_target':
    >> >/usr/src/chaostables-0.2/kernel/xt_CHAOS.c:53: error: too many arguments to function
    >> Yes I found this one this morning. The issue is simple: function
    >> signatures have changed in 2.6.19 and 2.6.20 which I did not all catch
    >> yet. chaostables compiles fine with 2.6.18 however. I shall have it
    >> workarounded in the next release. Thanks for noticing! (cc to
    >> linuxkernel and netfilter before more people run into the same problem)
    >Not wanting to put you under pressure but when is that version expected?

    Just about now, I just made a snapshot.
    (The new (note above: snapshot) SREJECT is not complete. Just fixed the 2.6.19
    and 2.6.20 compiles.)

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