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SubjectRe: my handy-dandy, "coding style" script
Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>>>> just for fun, i threw the following together to peruse the tree (or
>>>> any subdirectory) and look for stuff that violates the CodingStyle
>>>> guide. clearly, it's far from complete and very ad hoc, but it's
>>>> amusing. extra searches happily accepted.
>>> I had a bunch of similar greps that I've recently been half-assedly
>>> putting together into a single script too.
>>> See
>> I don't know if anyone cares about them anymore, since I think gcc
>> grew some smarts in the area recently, but there are a lot of lines of
>> code matching "static int.*= *0;" and equivalents in the driver tree.
> I'd really like to see the C compiler being enhanced to detect
> "stupid casts", i.e. those, which when removed, do not change (a) the outcome
> (b) the compiler warnings/error output.

If you made it issue warnings for that, then it's going to be ever more
painful to write generic macros.

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