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SubjectRe: VIA IRQ quirk fixup only in XT-PIC mode Take 3
Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Andrew Morton wrote:
>> There's a similar patch in -mm:
>> pci-quirk_via_irq-behaviour-change.patch. Does that work for you?
> And then, we return to:
> Some installations have VIA products on a PCI card. We cannot assume
> that all PCI_VENDOR_ID_VIA devices are on-board devices with the special
> VIA PIC on-chip routing (the thing quirk_via_irq tweaks).

I'm not sure whether you are commenting on my patch
(pci-quirk_via_irq-behaviour-change.patch), or Sergio's, but just to

My patch includes a hack that detects the presence of a VIA southbridge,
and only applies quirks if a southbridge is present.

This isn't perfect, as someone could insert a VIA PCI card into a
VIA-based motherboard and the PCI card would get quirked, but it's the
most accurate solution which has been proposed so far.

If the southbridge detection hack is acceptable, there is no reason why
it could not be combined with Sergio's patch.


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