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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 05/16] GFS2: File and inode operations

    >> Is not there a better way to do this? Note that there is also a "nfsd4" process
    >> running. Do you really want to do a 'costly'
    >> strcmp(current->comm, "nfsd") != 0 && strcmp(current->comm, "nfsd4") != 0
    >> every time someone does a readdir? What if I run a userspace nfs daemon?
    >> What if that userspace daemon is called differently?
    >> jengelh@linux01:7 08:28:14 ~ > ps -e | grep nfs
    >> 5580 ? 00:00:08 rpc.nfsd
    >> jengelh@linux01:7 08:28:30 ~ > rpm -qf /usr/sbin/rpc.nfsd
    >> nfs-server-2.2beta51-209.2 (a userspace nfsd)
    >Ah, now this is a very tricky one to solve. Its on my todo list to look
    >at this area again. You are right that the test is bogus in that it
    >should only respond to the in kernel NFS server and the reason for its

    In that case, you could use the fact that ... (I'll express it in C code):

    is_kernel_task = !current->mm;

    >existence is due to locking issues with the way that NFS calls through
    >the VFS layer.

    Jan Engelhardt
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