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SubjectRe: PATA drivers queued for 2.6.19

>> * /dev/sdX does not support all the HDIO_xxx ioctls that /dev/hdX does.
>> In practice, the ioctls we ignored are ones that very few people care
>> about.
>Add "/dev/sr*" does not support partitions. (That needs fixing anyway)

scd*/sr* is usually CDROM, which in the rarest case have a partition table,
don't they? (sd* stands for Scsi Disk, but what's the r in sr standing

>> As an aside, I would love to see paride updated to use libata, but we
>> can probably count the number of paride users on one hand these days...
>and thats without using fingers or thumbs.

0? Could it be removed then? [I'm waiting for loud objection screams from
paride users...]

Jan Engelhardt

VGER BF report: H 4.996e-16
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