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    SubjectRe: [2.6.18-rc7-mm1] slow boot
    There's nothing stack trace/unwind related among the functions listed at all afaics.
    I don't know much about how profiling works, is it perhaps just missing something?

    >>> Tilman Schmidt <> 29.09.06 02:15 >>>
    Am 29.09.2006 01:30 schrieb Randy Dunlap:
    > On Fri, 29 Sep 2006 01:20:12 +0200 Tilman Schmidt wrote:
    >> Am 28.09.2006 19:12 schrieb Andi Kleen:
    >>> Can you perhaps boot with profile=1 and then send readprofile output after
    >>> boot?
    >> I'm afraid I'll need instructions for that. I assume "profile=1"
    >> is to be appended to the kernel command line; but how do I
    >> retrieve that readprofile output you are asking for?
    > Use 'readprofile'. Usage is described in
    > Documentation/basic_profiling.txt in the kernel source tree.

    Thanks. Result attached.

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