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    SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC 1/4] Generic BUG handling.
    On Thu, 28 Sep 2006 15:54:45 -0700
    Jeremy Fitzhardinge <> wrote:

    > This patch adds common handling for kernel BUGs, for use by
    > architectures as they wish. The code is derived from arch/powerpc.
    > The advantages of having common BUG handling are:
    > - consistent BUG reporting across architectures
    > - shared implementation of out-of-line file/line data
    > This means that in inline impact of BUG is just the illegal
    > instruction itself, which is an improvement for i386 and x86-64.
    > A BUG is represented in the instruction stream as an illegal
    > instruction, which has file/line/function information associated with
    > it. This extra information is stored in the __bug_table section in
    > the ELF file.
    > When the kernel gets an illegal instruction, it first confirms it
    > might possibly be from a BUG (ie, in kernel mode, the right illegal
    > instruction). It then calls report_bug(). This searches __bug_table
    > for a matching instruction pointer, and if found, prints the
    > corresponding file/line/function information.
    > Some architectures (powerpc) implement WARN using the same mechanism;
    > if the illegal instruction was the result of a WARN, then report_bug()
    > returns 1; otherwise it returns 0.


    > lib/bug.c keeps a list of loaded modules which can be searched for
    > __bug_table entries. The architecture must call
    > module_bug_finalize()/module_bug_cleanup() from its corresponding
    > module_finalize/cleanup functions.

    What is the locking for these lists? I don't see much in here. It has
    implications for code which wants to do BUG while holding that lock..

    > This patch also converts i386, x86-64 and powerpc to use this
    > infrastructure. I have only tested i386; x86-64 and powerpc are not
    > even compile-tested in this patch.
    > Because powerpc also records the function name, I added this to i386
    > and x86-64 for consistency. Strictly speaking the function name is
    > redundant with kallsyms, so perhaps it can be dropped from powerpc.

    I agree that the function name is a rather gratuitous space-consumer.

    > +#ifdef CONFIG_GENERIC_BUG
    > + /* Support for BUG */
    > + struct list_head bug_list;
    > + struct bug_entry *bug_table;
    > + unsigned num_bugs;

    Shouldn't this be u64? ;)

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