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    SubjectStupid kexec/kdump question...
    OK, I'm running a Fedora Core 6 (rawhide actually) box with -18-mm1 kernel.
    I've installed kexec-tools and similar, and am trying to get the kernels
    built following the hints in Documentation/kdump/kdump.txt, but a few
    questions arise:

    1) Other than the fact that the Fedora userspace looks for a ${kernelvers}kdump
    kernel, is there any reason the kdump kernel has to match the running one, or
    can an older kernel be used?

    2) I'm presuming that a massively stripped down kernel (no sound support,
    no netfilter, no etc) that just has what's needed to mount the dump location
    is sufficient?

    3) The docs recommend 'crashkernel=64M@16M', but that's 8% of my memory.
    What will happen if I try '16M@16M' instead? Just slower copying due to
    a smaller buffer cache space, or something more evil?

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