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SubjectRe: 2.6.19 -mm merge plans
On Thursday 21 September 2006 20:32, Fengguang Wu wrote:
>On Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 04:59:18PM -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
>> > On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 01:54:38PM -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
>> > > The readahead code is complex, I'm unconvinced that it has a lot
>> > > of benefit and Wu has gone quiet. Will drop.
>> >
>> > Sorry, I've been putting efforts to meet the deadline of the google
>> > SoC project "Rapid linux desktop startup through pre-caching", which
>> > still can not be called success for now. And there's my pending paper
>> > work...
>> Oh, OK.
>> That's a neat thing to be working on.
>Thank you.
>FYI: I attached a little presentation work, one for the boot time
>stuff, another for the readahead patch.
>> > I should be able to come back and concentrate on the readahead patch
>> > after one month, whether it be dropped for now. I guess it can be
>> > further improved in complexity and performance. It also needs a good
>> > document for the overall design and benefits. And sure the
>> > performance numbers :-)
>> I'll hang onto the patches then - they're causing little maintenance
>> trouble for me.
>Sorry, I can imagine it, which upsets me.
>I'll try to settle it in the next 3-month cycle.
>Fengguang Wu

Both of your attached pdf's were missing the required fonts to display the
content on this locale=en machine, as the latest acroread for linux (7.05)
advised me about both, and the second one, while it did display the cover
page in english at a scale far larger than my 1600x1200 screen, it
actually locked up X and I had to reboot. I thought I had enough fonts
here to cover everything too. :(

Cheers, Gene
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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